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How To Be Safe In The Hospital

March 22nd, 2014

Being safe begins with some very simple concepts. Personnel protective equipment with aseptic technique as well as the concept of cleanliness can prevent you from being contaminated with body fluids. However, there are thousands of healthcare workers who become infected with MRSA, HIV and Hepatitis to incidents that are unforeseen. Risk management has done their best to educate those who deliver care in the clinical environment. With that said, registered nurses are notorious for not wearing gloves and protective eye-wear. Incidents happen everyday in the emergency room as well as the ICU that have the potential to infect many individuals who are not in direct contact with the patient.

It has to become second nature to protect ourselves from these contamination accidents. Google has much literature to educate those who feel they are lacking in their knowledge as it relates to risk management. Moving toward OSHA and JACHO compliance is the answer in my opinion. These two healthcare regulators can help to keep our entire industry free and clear from accidental exposures. As a final note, this can keep us safe in the hospital.

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